ICEBERQ DDR Memory Heatspreader

Aluminum DDR Memory Heat Spreader

Vantec ICEBERQ DDR memory heat spreader improves RAM performance and avoids system crashes by dissipating access RAM heat.  It is compatible with all standard SDR / DDR SDRM, and efficient size fits on all motherboards.  Install in just seconds with our patented user-friendly design.  ICEBERQ DDR memory heat spreader comes in Aluminum and Copper for your needs.

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  • Dissipates RAM Heat Improving Its Performance
  • Avoids System Crash Caused By RAM Overheat
  • Patented User-Friendly Design Installs in Just Seconds
  • Compatible with All Standard SDR / DDR SDRAM
  • Efficient Size Fits On All Motherboards

  • Specifications:

     Dimension:126.5 x 26.6 x 0.5 mm

    System Requirements:

    Package Contents:

    Iceberq Memory Heatspreader x1/ Heatspreader Clip x1

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