Warranty Service/RMA

Unfortunately, sometimes things just don't work. If this is the case with your item, then here is where you request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Make sure you review our warranty policy before filling out the RMA request form. We also encourage you to check the Basic Troubleshooting Guide or contacting us before assuming your product is defective. If an RMA is necessary, fill out the online RMA request form and allow up to 48 hours to be assigned an RMA number. DO NOT send anything back without first obtaining an RMA number.

  End-User RMA Request Form Vantec Distributor/Reseller RMA Request Form  

RMA Status

Have an RMA number? Check the status of your RMA here.
We have recently had database issues and some data may have been lost. If your RMA number does not appear valid or if you have requested an RMA and have not received an approval, please either resubmit an RMA request or call tech support for assistance.

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Contact Support

If you have any other questions or concerns not covered in the above sections, you can contact us through e-mail at support@vantecusa.com or call us at (510) 668-0368 (between 9AM and 6PM Pacific Time) and choose option 2.  We encourage you to check out the above sections before contacting us as most common questions and concerns have been answered.

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