ICEBERQ VGA and Chipset Cooling Kit

Copper VGA And Chipset Cooling Kit

Most recent video cards come with a heatsink, a fan, or a combination of both already attached to the main chip.  However, these units are usually there for nothing more than aesthetics, offering little functionality.  That's why Vantec offers the ICEBERQ all-in-one VGA and chipset cooling kit.  With a powerful 5000RPM fan and the option of an aluminum heatsink (CCB-A1A) or a copper heatsink (CCB-A1C), the ICEBERQ quickly dissipates heat from the VGA chip, extending the life of your video card.  The included heatsinks can be utilized on supplementary chips on the video card or chipsets on the motherboard, adding to the versatility of the ICEBERQ.  

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