Notebook Security Cable Lock

3-in-1 Security Cable Combination Lock for Notebook, Desktop PC, Digital Camera and Peripherals

The Vantec 3-in-1 Cable Locking System gives you the flexibility to secure almost anything.  Using 2.5 feet of high strength steel cable, you can attach your valuable equipment to any secure object or surface you can loop around.  When not in use, the cable retracts into the lock making it very easy to take with you.  Its easy to set combination lock allows you to choose the combination and not have to worry about keys.  Whether you want to secure your laptop, digital camera, computer case, or any device with a security slot, the Vantec 3-in-1 Cable Locking System provides the protection you need.

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  • 3 Dials Combination Provides Convenient and Keyless Security
  • Retractable PVC Coated Steel Cable
  • Compact Design Gives Easy Storage and Mobility
  • Applications:  Notebook, Desktop PCs, Digital Cameras, Peripherals
  • Multiple Adapters Offer Wide Range of Choice for Connecting Interfaces

  • Specifications:

     Lock Dimension:72.5 x 54 x 21 mm
     Cable Length:620 mm
     Cable Diameter:1.6 mm
     Cable Type:High Strength Steel Cable

    System Requirements:

    Package Contents:

    NBL-S100 Retractable Combination Lock, Security Slot Adapter, D-Sub Holder, Screw Adapter, Connecting Screw for Camera

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