Detachable PC Security Key Cable Lock

Detachable Security Key Cable Lock for Desktop PC, Monitor, Docking Station and Projector

Keep your personal equipment safe and secure with the Vantec Detachable PC Security Key Cable Locking System.  With 8 feet of 3/8" steel cable sheathed in black PVC, you can attach your delicate equipment to any secure object or surface you can loop around.  The detachable lock housing and included security plate gives you the option of securing the cable to an area without a convenient attachment point.  The detachable versatile security lock applicable to Desktop computers, monitors, projectors and is the ideal way to keep your equipment where you left it.

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  • 2 Security Keys Included
  • 5'9" PVC Coated Steel Cable
  • Ideal for Retail Display, Office, School, Library
  • Applications:  Desktop PCs, Monitors, Docking Stations, Projectors
  • Security Plate Included
  • Fastener Bracket Included
  • Included Velcro® Strap for Easy Cable Management and Portability  
  • Specifications:

     Lock Dimension:57 x 22.5 x 28 mm
     Cable Length:1800 mm
     Cable Diameter:6 mm
     Cable Type:Dark Smoke PVC Coated Steel Cable

    System Requirements:

    Package Contents:

    NBL-S300 Detachable PC Security Key Lock, Security Plate, Velcro® Strap, Alcohol Swipe, Abrasive Pad, Fastener Bracket, Screws

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