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LapCool Pro

Aluminum 17” Widescreen Notebook Cooler with Dual 120mm Fans & 3-Port USB 2.0 HUB

As Notebooks have gotten bigger and more powerful, they have also gotten hotter. The built-in small heat-dissipating module is no longer enough to manage the over heating problem. That heat can make the top and bottom panels uncomfortable to touch, and can over time contribute to deterioration of your Notebook’s performance and reliability. The Vantec LapCool Pro is a cooler designed for high performance Notebook up to 17” widescreen display. Finest Aluminum material with built-in dual 120mm adjustable fans reduces Notebook’s working temperature and prolongs reliability. The integrated 3-port high speed USB 2.0 Hub adds the convenience of connecting additional peripherals. Effective and easy to use, the Vantec LapCool Pro is the perfect cooling solution for your high performance Notebooks.

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